Stödpub: Situationen i Grekland

Nu på söndag ordnar vi tillsammans med Knowledge is our weapon tredje stödpuben för hösten. En grekisk aktivist kommer berätta om situationen i landet utifrån det faktum att nazistpartiet Gyllene gryning tagit sig in i parlamentet, och om det motstånd som finns.

FB-eventet finns här:

What is actually happening in Greece today?
Presentation and Discussion of:
The rise of neo-Nazi Fascism in a context of prolonged severe austerity&

The current state of the Greek antifascist movement
As for the actual content, I’m still working on it, but the main points of discussion are going to be the following:

1. a short reference to the current economic and socio-political reality of Greece

2. how this reality can be understood as a most fertile context for the rise of extreme right socio-political formations

3. the example of the Golden Dawn, representng a neo-Nazi fascist group that within such context was able to even enter the Greek parliamment as a ’legitimate’ political party, while acting, at the same time, as a mafia gang persecuting, attacking, seriously injuring and even killing members of the imigrant and refugee communities in Greece.

4. the Golden Dawn’s cooperation with the Greek ministry of Public Order and the Special Police Forces in instigating fear and reluctance on the part of the general popultion to activily oppose even detrimental to its future governental decisions and policies.

5. the existing antifascist movevent; the forms of its expression, the groups that play the leading part in this movement (mostly and mainly anarchist, along with some members of the ’so called’ extra parliamentary left), and their being persecuted as well as being called and treated as terrorists by the greek state.

6. The need for international solidarity with the greek antifascist movement and its often incarcerated and even tortured members.

Föreläsare Eleni

föreläsningen kommer att vara på Engelska

Söndag den 18 november kl 17 – 23
Kafé 44 (Scenrummet)
Tjärhovsgatan 46
T-bana: Medborgarplatsen
Buss: Tjärhovsplan
Entré: Efter förmåga
Mat och dryck finns till försäljning
Arr: knowledge is our weapon och Cyklopen
Stöd av ABF- Stockholm