Solidarity Mondays | Solidaritetsmåndagar

Cyklopen’s Solidaritetsgrupp will host four events on mondays of November (4th, 11th, 18th and 25th) from 19:00 to midnight. We hope that we can contribute to create a Monday tradition! During and after the events the bar will be open and vegetarian food will also be
served in the ”Box”.



4th November: Self-organized projects as an answer to Greek crisis.

18:30: A small introduction by Kajsa Ekis Ekman (author of ‘Skulden’)
19:30: Documentary ”Let’s not live like slaves” (90 mins).

About the documentary:
”On city walls and countryside rocks, on the empty or destroyed billboards, on alternative newspapers and rebel radios, in squats and self-organised centers that multiply… this is the slogan that the greek resistance is diffusing, day after day, and is inviting us to join them in choir the melodies of the film.”

We prefer to keep it simple with no agenda and debate-panel so it is up to the viewers to continue the event with discussions or questions.

The bar will be open from 18:30 to midnight, Greek vegetarian food and liquor will be there as well!


11th November: The resistance against the airport project in Notre Dame des Landes

Documentary ”Notre Dame des Luttes (60 mins) 

About the documentary:
”The airport project in Notre-Dame-des-Landes is an attempt to impose a new spatial order where peasants and local residents have to make space for airport infrastructure, in the name of a public interest determined by political and economic elites.
The filmmaker spent three weeks in the heart of the area ”Zone to Defend”, following the fight that took exceptional magnitude since the beginning of the police crackdown and especially the manifestation of reoccupation of November 2012.
After one year the resistance is still alive.”

Diane, who suggested the topic to the group, will give a short introduction. After the film, again we prefer to keep it simple with discussions regarding the documentary and/or around solidarity along with some drinks and vegetarian food.

The bar will be open from 18:30 to midnight.


Information on the events on the 18th and 25th of November will be announced later.