16/3: Onsdagspub med metal & Crimethinc

Onsdagspuben blir som vanligt men ändå inte. Skönt häng med billigt veganskt käk till sköna toner av punk och metal som serveras av DJ Pit.

I ett annat rum kommer det hållas föredrag och diskussion, på engelska.


”Anarchism and Global Revolts Since the Arab Spring”
Crimethinc, USA

From Brazil and Ukraine to Bosnia and Syria, rebellion is expanding in both exciting and frightening directions. What common themes connect the occupied squares and torched police cars? An operative from the CrimethInc. Ex-Workers’ Collective returns to Europe to offer reflections on anarchy in the new era of global revolt! This dynamic presentation explores today’s global uprisings in relation to policing, citizenship, and democracy. As economic crises necessitate more brutal policing, what new opportunities for revolt will arise? As conflicts
over nationality and migration intensify, how can we challenge
nationalism and liberal notions of citizenship? As trust in government erodes, what visions can anarchists offer beyond democracy? Our struggles must spread narratives and tactics that contest the legitimacy of these forces – and the future of freedom hangs in the balance.


Onsdagspub 16/3
Kl 18 – 22 (minst)
18 år
Cash only