4/3: The Eye of Time (FR) – Ştiu Nu Ştiu (STHLM) – Avgrunden (STHLM) – Eastern Lord (STHLM) – Mass Driver


The Eye of Time (FR) – Ştiu Nu Ştiu (STHLM) – Avgrunden (STHLM) – Eastern Lord (STHLM) – Mass Driver

4 mars kl 18.00 – 23.00

18 år och föranmälan:


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The eye of time
A honest soundtrack of life garnished with hope, resignation and death.
A minimal mixture of samples, cello elements, electronic programming, loops, drones, piano parts and field recordings.

Ştiu Nu Ştiu
There is no right, there is no wrong.
Everything has to do with everything.
You are not going to figure it out.
When you die other people will start where you started, not where you left off.
It will not be fair.
You Are Not Special.

The future, always so clear to me, has become like a black highway at night.
We were in uncharted territory now… making up history as we went along.

Eastern Lord
Haunting melodies from the hights of Caucasus to the depths of the Black Sea.

Mass Drivers
Cryptic, spacewar obsessed blackened noisy drones