One Eyed Punks 8/7 = SMZB + Exilent + Molly



18 år och föranmälan:


One Eyed Punks presenterar stolt:

* SMZB (Wuhan, China)
One of China’s first and biggest punkbands are paying us a visit during their 20th anniversary tour. You don’t wanna miss this!


* Exilent (Hannover, Germany)
Back again in Sweden this great crustband will rock your socks off!

* Molly (Stockholm, Sweden)
Great legends of Irish folk punk usually only play once a year on St Patrick’s day. But for us they’ll make an exception!



60 kronor.
Mat och dryck.
Första band går på vid 19:00.
Ingen sexism, ingen HBTQ- fobi, ingen rasism och inget våld.