4/2: Dead Rhythm – Sista Kriget

Dead Rhythms sista gig någonsin (på riktigt)
ja det blev inte festivalen, men detta är det absolut sista.

4/2 kl 18.00 – 23.00

Asocial. First gig since 97. They will play with the originallineup. Raw Hardcorepunk!

Avskum, Värmlands rawest punkband ever is back in Stockholm again. One of the best livebands out there. Will release a discography on Skrammel soon.

T.S.T ”The Shock Treatment”
Västerås best punkband ever. Back for the third gig since the 80s. And they are really really good live. Väktarnas Värld is a classic but they have many more.

Mob 47
This band will need no introduction, Long running punkband with so many classics. This will be one of the first gigs with new bassplayer Christoffer from Voidfiller. Best guys in the business.

No party without Jallo. Kvoteringen is back for the first gig in a while. Raw hardcorepunk . Psyched that they are playing.

偏執症者 (Paranoid) One of the best bands around today. Raw japanesestyled hardcorepunk. Its furious,raw and so much energy you cant handle it!

So psyched about this lineup.
The venue is Cyklopen, Högdalen in Stockholm,Sweden.
Entrance 150 :-
There will be presaletickets, more info will follow.