24/3: DEFUNKT Stockholm Takeover – Apocalypse How?

Fredag 24/3 kl. 20:00 – 03:00

DEFUNKT crew has journeyed across the pond from Texas to takeover Stockholm for the night. Join us for a night of mayhem and heavy electronic music at our apocalypse party at Cyklopen. Costumes are encouraged!
100kr Entry

Main Floor:
Daed [DEFUNKT – Houston, TX USA ]
Acid Jeep [DEFUNKT – Houston, TX USA]
Anthony Burchell [DEFUNKT – Austin, TX USA]
Monolog X [Occult Research – Stockhom, Sweden]
Marcanta [Stockholm, Sweden]
Örnie B2B Funky Tuna [Movements – Stockholm, Sweden]

Techno Bar:
Ossian Reynolds [Stockholm, Sweden]
Smirrtz [Stockholm, Sweden]
Danny Deluz [Stockholm, Sweden]
Lylloop [Stockholm, Sweden]

DEFUNKT is an electronic music and visual arts collective based in Houston, Texas featuring techno, electro, braindance, IDM, breakcore, digital hardcore, acid house, & jungle music. Founded in 2015, DEFUNKT hosts monthly showcases and warehouse parties featuring live hardware performances by some of the best artists in the electronic underground.

Daed (Houston, Texas, USA)
Daed aka Ian Lambert is a Houston-based electronic musician and sound designer. He is internationally recognized for his genre-pushing IDM, acid, braindance, and glitchcore. Daed’s music is characterized by his innovative sound design, intricate sample editing, playful melodies and evolving atmospheres.

Acid Jeep (Houston, Texas, USA)
A General Purpose LSD vehicle ranging from acid house to classic electro and analog techno. Forthcoming EP entitled ’Rhythm Magnet’ will be out soon on Love Love Records.

Anthony Burchell (Austin, Texas, USA)
Anthony Burchell incorporates an array of modular synthesizers and drum machines into a live electronic performance.

Marcanta (Stockholm, Sweden)
Marcanta is the moniker of Julian Alnemark were he combines an array of intense percussive sounds over rhythmical metal influences patterns underneath.

Monolog X (Stockholm, Sweden)
By blurring the lines of composition, performance and instrument design Johan Eriksson’s work explores novel outputs for music made with modular synths. Eriksson has developed a virtual modular software called Xodular, which he uses today as his only tool for music-making. This makes his output different to the work produced by analogue systems: it is digital, precise, raw and unfiltered. His work proposes a new performance model for music-making with modular synths: putting on display the human creation of evolving sonic ecosystems being performed by a self-playing machine. Automatonism.

Örnie (Stockholm, Sweden)
You know him or you don’t. 28 yr old junglist badboy from the planet Tellus. Co-founder of Movements and a professional trouble maker.

Main floor powered by Solar Sound System

Ino Audio Top2+2
120Hz-20kHz (±2,5dB)
4x 1″ tweeters
8x 8,5″ boomers

Four Full Marty Sub
4x 18″ woofers