Dead Rhythm – The Nightmare Continues

5 februari, 2017 kl. 18:00 – 23:00


G.B.H. British punklegends now back in Sweden, Last time they were here they were so good! Psyched to be having them!
If you’re new to G.B.H they have so many hits and good records so swing by their spotify and give it a go!

ASOCIAL Day 2 of the comeback for the dalarockers !
It will be hard, raw and fucking good!

Misantropic Västerbotten misantropic crustpunk!
One of the heaviest punkbands in Sweden today and live they are always a blast. No Pasaran punk straight in your face.

FERAL BRAIN. First gig for this new act featued members of Ds13, Axe Rash, Negative Self. Make sure they will rip your face off and feast on it. Psyched for this. !

Place .: Cyklopen
Date : February 5th
Time : 18.00
Cost : 100 :-
Tickets : [email protected]

Söndagen 5/2 kl. 18:00 – 23:00