Draw the internet!

karta som visar var undervattensfibrer från Stockholm går ut i östersjön

Vi träffas och försöker göra Internet begripligt genom att rita.

Här är presentationstexten från Meetup-eventet:

Important note

You don’t need to know anything about the internet and stuff to join. I can tell you a bit about it. If we don’t know something, we’ll look it up. 😊


I’m so bored with diagrams in books about internet networking and protocols! They’re all like little boxes and arrows pointing to other boxes and stiff little computers and what is that thing that’s a circle with an X in it? That’s a server? What the hell? WHAT.

Can’t a data packet be a weird little goblin cat or something? What if protocols like HTTP were mad wizards or immigration trolls or netherworld postal service hell elves? Internet service providers (ISP) could be like Richard Scarry’s Busy Town Hall or Adventure Time’s Nightosphere. Who knows! Are we human or are we server?

Let’s draw!

You can also perform if you like. Or make music. Or whatever. Internetworking is rich with narrative promise. Have fun with it!


Fun way to learn about t3h w3bz under the hood?


I have dry erase sheets to put on the wall. Bring your own dry erase non-permanent white board markers. I have only 5 markers in gross standard office colours.

That’s all I got.

Bring your own paint and clay and wine and cake or whatever if you like.


How the internet is made 🦘

The Global Internet Is Being Attacked by Sharks, Google Confirms 🦈

Vietnam’s last functional undersea cable now malfunctioning 🇻🇳


Submarine cable map

Cloud infrastructure map

DDOS attack map

Some learning materials

OSI model (short video, longer video): sort of the internet model

Address Resolution Protocol AKA shout out to everyone

Border Gateway Protocol AKA fastest wins!

Neighbor Discovery Protocol

TCP/IP protocol stack and routers

TLS handshake explained

Code Ethnography and the Materiality of Power in Internet Governance

Nice reference text

Computer Networking: A Top-Down Approach, Global Edition

Companion website with videos and notes and quizzes

Companion website with animations!


Thanks to Cyklopen for hosting!