Onsdagspub med Hysterix

13 december, 2017 kl. 18:00 – 22:00


Hysterix is a women artist collective that focuses on activism through multidisciplinary interventions at public and private spaces. Hysterix holds transgression as main methodology and viscerality as core aesthetics.
We explore counter-rational ways to develop and perform collective work in order to question dichotomy and inequity of value of the rational, related to male, and emotional, related to female.
We embrace Hysteria.

*Las Insurgentes

Group of beautiful and rebellious women called ”Las Insurgentes” (the insurgents)
We work on: education, art and kontrakultura (counterculture) with gender identity and by Self-management.

*Chola Contravisual

We are feminist communicators who seek collectively to achieve happy , free and full lifes for women and LGTBIQ people. We narrate an alternative to the dominant discourse, parting from common and/or individual experiences. By doing so we make visible and promote rebellions that challenge oppressions and established orders. Our core of work are communication, free training and cultural management.

*Blue MPC: https://soundcloud.com/bluempc
*Hatrapadah: https://soundcloud.com/hatrapada

Chola Visual youtube.com/cholacontravisual