Solidaritetsmåndag- Soundz of the South


Ikväll får vi besök från den Sydafrikanska gruppen Soundz of the South

Soundz of the South är ett kulturaktivistkollektiv från Kapstaden, Sydafrika som använder sig av Hiphop för att skapa medvetenhet. De har bland annat en plattform till stöd för kvinnliga Hiphop-och spoken wordartister. SOS kommer visa filmen Miners Shot Down, följt av ett samtal och därefter blir det afrikansk anarkistisk HipHop live!

Läs mer om gruppen här nedan på engelska.


Tonight the group Soundz of the South from South Africa is visiting Cyklopen. Soundz of the South (S.O.S) is a collective of cultural activists from Cape Town, South Africa, who use Hiphop as a tool to liberate and raise awareness. Besides implementing community programs, educational projects and direct actions in support of the working-class struggle in and around Cape Town, S.O.S has initiated Words of a Rebel Sistah – a platform to support female Hiphop and Spoken Word artists and are one of the key initiators and organizers of the Afrikan Hiphop Caravan – an annual project that seeks to unite Hiphop activists on the continent and beyond. In their presentation they will introduce their political and artistic work, and, by doing so address new ways of organising by focusing on the ways in which Hiphop and poetry can be used in order to organise and mobilize young people in the fight against neoliberalism and state repression
Soundz of the south will show a film Miners Shot Down followed by a talk and afrikan anarchist hiphop

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