The MthR Trilogy (Sophie McKeand) #STOFF2023

30 augusti, 2023 kl. 21:30 – 22:30
Magelungsvägen 170

The MthR Trilogy (Sophie McKeand, Wales)

ysbryd | cyborg | spoken word | field recordings | techno | iaith | The MthR Trilogy is an epic sci-fi adventure of interwoven stories told from a panoply of coalescing and conflicting standpoints. It explores notions of shifting power, loyalty, language, and love as humans & cyborgs navigate personal and professional relationships in a singular slice of time. The live events consist of spoken word, looped vocals, glitched field recordings, excerpts from the audiobooks, & occasional improvisation with select musicians.

Sophie McKeand is an award-winning poet from north Wales and former Young People’s Laureate Wales. Her poetry, prose, and performances weave together language & sound in order to explore humanity’s connections with technology and our interspecies ecosystem. These improvised performances include spoken extracts from The MthR Trilogy novels interwoven with field recordings, vocal loops, and occasional riffs with musicians.

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