Action Training

20/7 17.30-21.00

Take Concrete Action is a mass action of civil disobedience that will take place in Slite, Gotland from the 25th-27th of August.We are now inviting everyone who is interested in participating in Take Concrete Action to an action training in civil disobedience based on non-violence. No previous experience is required! You are also not committing to anything by coming to this training and the training also works as a preparation for other future actions.

This training will take place at Cyklopens Kulturhus on Wednesday the 20th of July at 17:30-21:00. The main language will be English, but we will do our best to also have translation into Swedish too!

The training is led by action trainers and will go over non-violence, consensus decision making and other components of mass actions. You will also get the chance to a form your affinity-groups for the action and get the answer to any question or concern you might have! Around the world, ordinary people are rising up against the fossil fuel industry to fight the climate crisis we are in. We welcome you – of all genders, ages and backgrounds – to do the same. Together, we can TAKE CONCRETE ACTION